OCF Adapter for Profoto A1/A1x/A10

UPDATE: Now Profoto sells "very" similar  amount for $299 I now have some in stock as today. (Dec. 20, 2020) Please contact me if you want to get the mount. $225 (Free shipping in US - USPS Priority Mail). If you don't own or use B10 stand adapter, this adapter may be your choice. I personally use a Joby Ballhead or Manfrotto 026 Swivel Umbrella Adapter. For those of you who don't need own/use a Profoto Stand Adapter for B10 ($99 and not so practical with tiny handle which is hard to adjust). 

Here's a speed ring adapter for Profoto A1/A1X.  (*This is NOT made and sold by Profoto ™.)  I've been using Profoto lighting equipment for a long time.  When Profoto B1 came out, I was so thrilled to use them on-location shoot. Before that, I was using multiple speedlights and they were not strong enough to cut the bright sunlight.   

I must say that Profoto B1 was/is a total game-changer.  Since I own B1's and D2's, I always wanted to get something smaller yet still under the Profoto air system.  I was very excited to get an A1 when it first came out! 

After a few on-location shoots, I began to wonder if I could use some of Profoto OCF modifiers I have on A1.  So I went to Home Depot and made my own DYI speedring adapter for A1. (Thank you for your inspiration, MacGyver!)  

Many photographers like myself who bought A1 may already have owned the Profoto system.  A1 has been becoming very popular.  This adapter will allow you to attach most of the Profoto modifiers on your A1 and start shooting with off came flash setting!  I recommend using something smaller such as 'OCF' lines because A1's output is 75W.  (B1/B1X/B10 Plus - 500W, B2/B10 - 250W.)

This adapter is made out of high-quality aluminum and only weighs 290g (0.6lbs)!! I have been using this mount for over a year now.  I have posted some pics here.  You can also attach a handle and hold it while you are shooting.  My father told me once it's called the "Statue of Liberty" style.  This adapter is great for all the photographers especially for wedding, on-location shoot where you have to be in and out so quick.  I have used it at Grand Central Station and some other busy locations, and nobody even noticed it!  You can mount this adapter on your tripod (1/4") and light stand (you have to use an adapter such as umbrella bracket, etc.) 

For those of you who are interested in getting this, please contact mePrice is $225 (Free shipping in US - USPS Priority Mail). It comes with the mount with a 3/8 - 1/4 adapter only (A1 and other modifiers are NOT included).  I can accept Paypal, Vemno, and cash. (If you are in NYC and I can meet you up.) 

Profoto A1 Mount - OCF Adapter

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